2022 Agricultural Outlook Forum

Agriculture, Nitrogen, and Water Quality in Wisconsin

2022 Wisconsin Agricultural Outlook Forum Presentations

Paul Mitchell – Farm Income Situation & OutlookPDFVideo

John Heinberg – Grain Situation & OutlookPDFVideo

Tamas Houlihan – Specialty Crops Situation & OutlookPDFVideo

Panel Discussion: Farm Income and Crops – Video

Mark Stephenson – Dairy Situation & OutlookPDFVideo

Brenda Boetel – Livestock and Meat Situation & OutlookPDFVideo

Panel Discussion: Dairy, Livestock, and Meat – Video

Chris Kucharik – Agriculture, Nitrogen, and Water Quality in WisconsinPDFVideo

Matt Ruark – Water Quality Lessons Learned from Discovery FarmsPDFVideo

John Exo – Extension’s Contributions to Improving Water QualityPDFVideo

Panel Discussion: UW-Madison Water Quality Efforts – Video

Mike Tiboris – Water Quality Efforts: River Alliance of WisconsinPDFVideo

Jeff Endres – Water Quality Efforts: Endres Berryridge Farms and Yahara Pride FarmsPDFVideo

Jeremie Pavelski – Water Quality Efforts: Heartland FarmsPDFVideo

Panel Discussion: External Stakeholder Water Quality Efforts – Video