2020 Wisconsin Agricultural Outlook Forum Agenda

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9:30-10:00    Registration

10:00-10:15   Introduction and Overview

10:00-10:10      Abigail Martin, 72nd Alice in Dairyland

10:10-10:15       UW-Madison CALS Update (Dean Kate VandenBosch)

10:15-12:00    Agricultural Situation and Outlook

10:15-10:25       Farm Income (Paul Mitchell, UW-Madison)

10:25-10:35       Contribution of Agriculture to the WI Economy (Steve Deller, UW-Madison)

10:35-10:45       Wisconsin Economy Situation and Outlook (Tessa Conroy, UW-Madison)

10:45-11:00       Questions and Panel Discussion

11:00-11:15     Break

11:15-11:30        Dairy Situation and Outlook (Mark Stephenson, UW-Madison)

11:30-11:45        Grain and Livestock Situation and Outlook (Brenda Boetel, UW-River Falls)

11:45-12:00       Questions and Panel Discussion

12:00-1:00     Lunch

Shelby Ellison, Division of Extension, afternoon moderator         

1:00-2:45       Hemp Situation and Outlook

1:00-1:15           Kentucky Perspective (Tyler Mark, University of Kentucky)

1:15-1:35            Colorado Perspective (Dawn Thilmany, Colorado State University)

1:35-1:55            Canadian Perspective (Ted Haney, Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance)

1:55-2:15            Wisconsin Perspective (Paul Mitchell, UW-Madison)

2:15-2:45            Questions and Panel Discussion

3:00-4:00       Reception: Varsity Hall 3