2021-2022 Renk Scholarship Recipients

Meet Our Scholars

Su Jung Bae


Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural Applied Economics with a certificate in sustainability, May 2023
Internship Interests: Agribusiness, Food industry, Sustainability, marketing, NGOs, Research and Development
Professional Goals: To be a contributing member of the agricultural industry to solve hunger/poverty problems in the most efficient and sustainable way.
Short Bio: Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, I was provided very little exposure to the agriculture industry. However, since I was a child, I wanted to help others who are struggling from poverty and hunger. As I continue my education, I realized that agriculture is a key to solving this problem. Coming to UW-Madison, where it is known for the best education in agriculture, I found my interest in agricultural applied economics, especially in sustainability and global economic policies. Also, through volunteering at OpenSeat and becoming a member of Sigma Alpha, I was able to take one more step closer to my future career.


Jared Baudhuin


Hometown: Brussels, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Dairy Science with a certificate in Agriculture Business Management, May 2022
Internship Interests: Sustainability, Efficiency, Productivity, Marketing
Professional Goals: Expand and modernize the existing farm into a modern-day dairy with profitable cattle
Short Bio: Growing up on a small dairy farm in Brussels, WI has taught me the meaning of hard work, passion, and integrity. I could always be found on the farm asking people many questions and trying to improve our practices. Through FFA, 4-H and the Holstein Association, I knew I wanted to go to college to expand my knowledge on dairy cattle. University of Wisconsin-Madison was the place to me due to an accredited faculty, World Dairy Expo, and many other opportunities. On campus I have been involved in Alpha Gamma Rho, Badger Dairy Club, Collegiate Farm Bureau, and a Student Manager at the Dairy Cattle Center. During the summer of 2019, I was an intern at Brey Cycle Farms, learning about dairy cattle genetics. The following summer I was an intern at Ebert Enterprises, allowing me to learn about modernizations and the efficiencies of a large dairy farm.


Reagan Dahl


Hometown: Prior Lake, MN
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural and Applied Economics and Spanish with a certificate in Sustainability and Global Health, May 2023
Internship Interests: Sustainability, Fair Trade, Marketing, Natural Resource Economics, International Affairs
Professional Goals:
Work in natural resource management/research, or provide economic support and planning to underdeveloped Spanish speaking countries
Short Bio:
Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to know I made a difference in people’s lives and I felt the best way to do this was to become a developmental economist. After joining a club at UW Madison that promoted youth empowerment through agribusiness in Malawi, I knew I wanted to continue seeing people’s lives being changed through economic opportunities in agriculture. Not only did my experience at UW Madison spark my passion for AAE, but also my experience interning at an organization that promoted sustainable economic development in Latin America. This combined my passion for the LAC region as well as my interest in microfinance. I can’t wait to continue to pursue a career that is fulfilling while at the same time sparking economic growth in communities.


Timothy Davenport


Hometown: Farmington, CT
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural and Applied Economics, Microbiology, with certificates in Global Health and Biology Core Curriculum Honors, May 2022
Internship Interests: Sustainability, Globalization, E-commerce
Professional Goals: Promote global health through research and outreach.
Short Bio: Despite growing up in a town called Farmington, my experience with agriculture has been rather lackluster. It was not until I arrived at the University of Wisconsin Madison that the integral interplay of agribusiness and health care became self-evident. On-campus I have had the opportunity to investigate the effects of polyamines on monocot plant root growth through independent research at the Department of Genetics. Through the moments of personal growth I have had and hope to make during my Wisconsin experience, I look forward to when I can take purposeful action against the pressing issues of modern agribusiness. After graduation, I aspire to attend graduate school and pursue studies in global health with a focus on emerging economies. Some hobbies include hiking, reading, and playing The New York Times daily mini crossword.


John Dvorak


Hometown: Oconomowoc, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural Business Management with a Certificate
in Entrepreneurship, May 2023
Internship Interests: Construction Management (Currently with VJS Construction Services)
Professional Goals:
My goal is to work with a general contracting/project management company out of school, and then own and operate my own construction company
Short Bio:
I grew up in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, where I have been involved with my family’s construction company, operated my own landscape and property management company, as well as put in time on my Uncle’s farm. Having grown up surrounded by farming, machinery, and construction, I knew I wanted to combine my passions and pursue a degree in Agricultural Business Management. I chose the University of Wisconsin-Madison for my degree and career interest, the opportunity to be on the Men’s Rowing team, and to be the 3rd generation to attend UW. Aside from my agriculture and construction interests, I spent my summers coaching sailing on my home lake, Lac LaBelle, and working at my family’s restaurant; Lago Su Bella, operating the pro shop and course management at Labelle Golf Club, operating my own property/lawn care management along with my Dad’s property management/real estate. This past winter break, I started my internship with VJS Construction Services (Pewaukee, WI), as part of the Project Management team at Trinity Woods in Brookfield. This summer, I will continue this internship opportunity here in Madison, where we just started a new job for the Avenir Apartment building.


Eliza Endres


Hometown: Waunakee, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural Business Management, Development Economics Certificate, Entrepreneurship Certificate, Spring 2024
Internship Interests: Marketing, Agricultural Finance, International Agriculture
Professional Goals:
Agricultural Finance or Marketing
Short Bio:
Being involved in agriculture since I was very young has developed my love and passion for the industry. I got my start in agriculture from our family dairy farm, but I gained my passion from showing registered Holsteins and participating in 4-H and dairy bowl. On campus I am involved in the Association of Women in Agriculture and the UW – Madison chapter of the National Agri-Marketing Association. I am excited to expand my knowledge of agriculture as my time at UW – Madison continues.


Jiahang He


Hometown: Harbin, China
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural & Applied Economics, Environmental Studies, and Japanese, May 2022
Internship Interests: Agricultural and Environmental Marketing, International Agricultural Trade, Environmental Conservation
Professional Goals: Agricultural and Environmental Economics and Policy
Short Bio: Growing up in Harbin, China, one of the biggest crop-producing areas in the world, I learned a lot about agriculture, and the environment from my grandparents who have been involving in crop production and agribusiness for their whole life. Since then, I have decided to learn more about agriculture and the environment in college. In my home country, I have been involved in research about aquatic ecology for two years. Right now, I am passing my passion toward the environment and agriculture from my hometown to UW-Madison. I am an active member of The Wildlife Society, and I am researching ponds macroinvertebrate diversity in Preston lab. For this summer, I will become a peer advisor and for this fall, I will join the CALS Ambassador team to introduce CALS to all incoming freshmen and encourage them to join this big family.


Jaden Henneman


Hometown: Whitewater, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural Business Management & Psychology with a certificate in Criminal Justice, May 2023
Internship Interests: Marketing, Event Planning, Agritourism, Client Communications
Professional Goals: Managing family’s dairy farm, Event Planner, Ag Outreach, Ag Educator
Short Bio: Having family ties to the dairy industry allowed me to find a passion in agriculture by growing up and working at my mom’s work, a dairy embryo transfer facility in Whitewater, Wisconsin. With earning leadership positioning in my community and high school, I have continued on with this goal and experience going into UW-Madison and hope to continue learning in the Association of Women in Agriculture, Badger Dairy Club, and Criminal Justice and Juvenile Student Association (CJJSA). I was CJJSA’s treasurer this past year along with being a donations chair for events held by AWA and BDC. I hope to continue developing professionally by helping World Dairy Expo this fall.


Hannah Herbst


Hometown: Gratiot, Wisconsin
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural Business Management with a certificate in Educational Policy Studies, May 2022
Internship Interests: Finance, Marketing, Communications, Economics, Member Relations
Professional Goals: Pursue a career in agricultural finance or other agricultural related field such as marketing or communications. I also plan to pursue a masters and teach at a community college on the side later in my career.
Short Bio: Growing up in a rural town I have been surrounded by agriculture my entire life. I lived on a beef cattle farm and showed swine at the county fair. It was growing up that I realized I always wanted to play a role in the agricultural industry. I have decided to pursue a career in agricultural business management in order to expand my knowledge on agriculture, while working towards an educational policy studies certificate. I am currently a member of the Association of Women in Agriculture and I am a teaching assistant for a course here at UW-Madison.


Hunter Huschitt


Hometown: Monroe, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Agriculture Business Management, May 2023
Internship Interests: Agriculture Business, Agriculture Finance, or Real Estate
Professional Goals: Agriculture Finance Professional or related career.
Short Bio: Although I did not grow up on a farm, my passion for agriculture was sparked when I raised pigs at my uncles for the county fair. This is a project I take pride in and continued through high school. Knowing I wanted to become further involved in agriculture, I joined FFA and took advantage of the many opportunities it had to offer, further growing my passion for agriculture. Outside of 4-H and FFA, I was involved in National Honors Society, Basketball, and several other clubs. Going into my sophomore year, pursuing a degree in Agriculture Business Management, I look forward in growing inside and outside of the classroom and exploring more of what the University of Wisconsin-Madison has to offer.


Emma Kaebisch


Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Global Health with a focus on Ecosystem Sustainability with a certificate in Agriculture Business Management, May 2023
Internship Interests: Sales, Marketing, Advertising
Professional Goals:
Working within the sales department of an agriculture related company
Short Bio:
Being from Milwaukee has given me little to no exposure to the agriculture live or industry. I was lucky enough to be able to start my agriculture background by working for a local greenhouse. The selling season was busy and filled by moving flats of vegetable plants, picking off dead flowers and then helping plant crops for the summer. The experience I gained at greenhouses allowed me to transition it to my current position as a research assistant at the Dairy Forage research center here in Madison. Through jobs and coworkers, I have been able to grow my passion and love for agriculture. Being from the city there are far and few opportunities to see the hard work and time it takes to be apart of this line of work. The more I learn about the industry and the people within the more I want to be apart of it. Through sales I hope to be apply to supply farmers with the best products possible to ensure they can provide the best possible products for their consumers.


Hyunsung Ko


Hometown: Timonium, MD
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural and Applied Economics with a certificate in Business; concentration in Real Estate, May 2022
Internship Interests: Commercial Real Estate, High Speed Transportation, International Finance, Smart Cities, Sustainable Development
Professional Goals:
Use quality, lasting, Commercial Real Estate developments as a catalyst to rejuvenate struggling lower – income cities across the United States
Short Bio:
Growing up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland, I spent my adolescent and young – adult years luckily with fortunate issues. Poor access to quality education, food, and recreational opportunities were never of concern. Crumbling infrastructure, dilapidated housing, and rampant homelessness/drug use were not features of my hometown.

My life mission has been the same since I was a young boy: to leave the world better than I first found it, simply put. With the rise in automation, slowly but surely replacing lower and middle income – jobs, talented college graduates continually funneling themselves into corporate roles in “flashy” destinations, and wealth inequalities growing by the day, I’ve come to the realization that instigating change for America’s most struggling communities cannot wait. For this reason, I have chosen a path of study dedicated to learning the ins and outs of both Commercial Real Estate and Development Economics by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics with a certificate in Business. I am hopeful that my education will help me realize my dreams of using Commercial Real Estate as a catalyst for rejuvenating lower – income communities across the United States, particularly my hometown of Baltimore.


Josie Minz


Hometown: Waukesha, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural and Applied Economics – Environmental and Resource Economics Focus and double major in Data Science and a certificate in sustainability, May 2023
Internship Interests: Economics, Sustainability, Natural resource management, Agricultural or Environmental Law
Professional Goals: To work as a Natural Resource Economist, Environmental or Agricultural Economist, Renewable energy analyst, or a Financial Analyst.
Short Bio: Growing up in Waukesha, Wisconsin I grew up appreciating agriculture and the outdoors through trips to family and friends’ farms, hiking trips, and years spent gardening in my backyard. I was taught to look for sustainable practices from a young age which is something that I have become extremely passionate about. At UW-Madison, I was able to implement this passion within my role of VP of operations of Enactus, a social entrepreneurship club that focuses on sustainable development goals. I am also involved in Women in Economics and was head of Media and Marketing for the National Women in Economics Conference. This past fall I completed a fellowship with Rise Wisconsin which worked towards affordable housing and food services for students, and I currently work at the Makerspace here on campus, working with other bright-minded students towards innovation.


Megan Moede


Hometown: Algoma, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural Business Management, May 2024
Internship Interests: Agricultural Finance, Marketing, Sales
Professional Goals:
Agricultural Finance, Marketing, Sales
Short Bio:
Growing up on a small-scale hobby dairy farm in rural northeastern Wisconsin, showing dairy cattle at the local fairs and state/national shows was a staple of my childhood experience. On the farm, we operate a heifer raising system and own roughly twenty head and milk two cows. My ties to the dairy and agriculture industries starting at a young age defines my character and fuels my interest in pursuing an Agricultural Business Management degree. I am currently actively involved in the Association of Women in Agriculture, Badger Dairy Club, and National Agri-Marketing Association.


Kristin Novak


Hometown: Sullivan, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural Business Management with a certificate in Food Systems, May 2023
Internship Interests: Marketing, Sales, Finance
Professional Goals: 
Working with farmers in agriculture Marketing, Sales or Finance
Short Bio: 
Growing up on a grain and produce farm, where our main focus is squash, pumpkins and gourds, my passion for the agriculture industry began early. From our busy spring planting, to a busy summer with the county fair, and then a nonstop fall harvest, I was always doing something involving agriculture. I was also very involved in 4-H and FFA where I enjoyed livestock judging and held leadership roles. These interests led me to attend UW-Madison where I am the Public Relations Director for Babcock House Cooperative and a member of Collegiate Farm Bureau.


Tanner Oyen


Hometown: Lancaster, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Agronomy, B.S. with a certificate in Business Management, May 2022
Internship Interests: Crop Consulting, Soil Fertility Management, Sustainability, and Sales
Professional Goals: 
Obtain Master’s Degree in Agronomy, find solutions to modern production issues, explore more sustainable forms of production agriculture.
Short Bio: 
I have always had a passion for agriculture tracing back to my childhood on our family farm. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong interest in crop production and helping others which has persisted through my college education. I am passionate about helping farmers, and industry leaders alike, do our part in feeding the world in a sustainable way. Here on campus, I am involved the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, the Badger Crops Club, Crops Judging Team, Forex Investment Club, Quarter Scale Tractor Pulling Team, and many other clubs. This summer I will be completing my second internship with Helena Agri-Enterprises as a Sales & Agronomy Intern in Wisconsin. I hope to use these unique academic and employment experiences to become a well-rounded industry leader.


Konstanty Pawlowski


Hometown: Elgin, IL
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural and Applied Economics – Applied Economics Concentration, December 2021
Internship Interests: Sustainability, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Agriculture
Professional Goals:
Have an equitable and sustainable impact on the world through entrepreneurship and innovation.
Short Bio:
Growing up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, I was not exposed to the field of agriculture, but understood the vital importance of the industry on society and the significant role it played in the environment. I initially attended another school as a biochemistry major and was a licensed EMT, but transferred to UW last semester to synthesize my passions of science, environmentalism, and business together with the AAE major. I have been involved in the business and entrepreneurship club, environmental club, and am currently involved in the real estate club. After graduation, I look forward to leveraging my education to create meaningful global change in the future. I hope to found a company that works towards making the built environment and the construction industry more sustainable, or a company that is involved in making agriculture more environmentally-sound.


Olivia Spaight


Hometown: Waterford, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communication, Certificate in Agricultural Business Management, May 2023
Internship Interests: Marketing & Communications, Reproductive Physiology, Genetics
Professional Goals: Dairy Research, Agricultural Communications, Agribusiness and Marketing
Short Bio: As the first generation of my family removed from the farm, I was lucky enough to find my passion for agriculture on my grandparents’ dairy when I was very young. From there, I found opportunities through 4-H and FFA to expand my knowledge of agriculture and the dairy industry beyond feeding calves and milking cows. My interest and love for the industry has only grown since beginning my education at UW-Madison, where I have found an abundance of opportunities to grow as a leader and agriculturalist. While on campus, I enjoy being involved in Badger Dairy Club, the Association of Women in Agriculture, National Agri Marketing Association, and Collegiate Farm Bureau, as well as helping out in Dr. Laura Hernandez’ lab in the Dairy Science Department. At home, I am still active in 4-H and FFA through the sheep and dairy projects and spend time with the Young Farmer and Agriculturalist committee through my local Farm Bureau to organize a Farm to Table meal in the fall.


Sofia Weinstein


Hometown: North Potomac, MD
Major and Expected Graduation: Agricultural and Applied Economics and Plant Pathology, May 2022
Internship Interests: Environmental and Agricultural Policy, Sustainability
Professional Goals: Public policy and regulation for agricultural and environmental programs. Agroecology Master of Science.
Short Bio: Growing up in a suburban community outside of DC, I was never directly exposed to agriculture or agribusiness. However, I have always had a passion for the environment, sustainability and food systems. I decided to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison to explore my interests in agriculture and the economic ramifications of agricultural policy. This is why I decided to major in Agricultural and Applied Economics. I am extending my background by also majoring in Plant Pathology. I am currently working in a Plant Pathology lab and enjoy researching different bacteria that infect plants all across the globe. This research highlights the troubles many farmers face in keeping their crops healthy and I am looking forward to using my scientific background to make economic change. On campus, I am involved in my sorority’s cabinet and I am a member of the largest philanthropy organization in Wisconsin known as Humorology. I am looking forward to what this next academic year brings.


Billy Zeimet


Hometown: Cottage Grove, WI
Major and Expected Graduation: Dairy Science with a certificate in Agricultural Business, May 2022
Internship Interests: Production agriculture
Professional Goals: Attain a bachelor’s degree in Dairy Science and own/operate a dairy farm
Short Bio: I grew up on a small hobby farm in Cottage Grove, WI, where I raised feeder cattle throughout high school. I also have worked on a neighbor’s dairy farm since I was thirteen years old. My passion for agriculture began when I was very young accompanying my dad to go and visit our neighbor. At the time he was milking 50 cows in a stanchion barn. As a little kid I would stand in awe as I took in all of the sights and smells of a dairy barn! As I have matured, my appreciation for dairy cattle and everything they do for us has only grown. I truly love watching the livestock as they grow and mature to become productive farm animals. It is this love for the dairy industry that has brought me here to UW-Madison to further develop myself as an industry professional! In 2018 I graduated from the Farm and Industry Short Course Program and decided I wanted to attain a bachelor’s degree from this school because I enjoyed Dairy Science so much. I am also am involved with Collegiate Farm Bureau and Badger Dairy Club here on campus.